Lifespan of a Betta fish And Ways To Increase It?

Betta Fish or also known as fighting fish makes a wonderful pet. They have lovely shapes and fascinating colors. But the big question that boggles newbie pet owners is the lifespan of Bettas.

Healthy Bettas or Siamese fighting fish can live for 3-5 years. However, people buying Betta fish might experience a shorter lifespan.

Most of the Betta fish that are bought in the pet store might only last for months or a couple of years. This is because of the improper care that we put to it compromising their health. Above lifespan of Bettas is not always the case because external factors can also contribute to their lifespan.

Let’s see the various benefits of increasing their lifespan. Increasing life span of the Bettas,

  • Will give you a healthy and pleasant-looking Betta fish
  • Prevents you from having headaches solving problems related to your Betta fish
  • Provides you with longer time to enjoy your Betta more by having an extended lifespan

So, one can ask about factors that can affect the lifespan of these fighting fish. We will try to unlock them in this article to help you increase the lifespan of fighting fish if you ever want one.

Lifespan Of A Betta Fish In The Wild

There is a huge percentage that Bettas in the wild can live for longer periods compared to the domesticated ones. But there is an exception to the rule, only if Bettas are not eaten by their predators. Since they are typically small creatures, bigger fish can eat them easily. And, it also depends on their habitat if they live in a small or big body of water.

If Bettas survived their predators, you’ll be able to expect that they can reach a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. Those are the ones that are living in their natural habitat, such as rice paddies, etc.

When it comes to domesticated Bettas, you can still reach that lifespan and it is not impossible. This is only as long if you will see to it that you maintain and feed them well. Since Bettas that are domesticated do not live in running water just like the wild ones do. So everything depends upon you.

Why Did Your Betta fish Died In A Week?

When we say lifespan, it is given that it varies, not only in humans but in Betta fish as well. Meaning lifespan is reliant on the factors that we will discuss in this article.

Let us not delay it anymore by discussing those factors.

  • Maintenance: If you are the type of person that is undoubtedly busy and would want to pet fighting fish then think twice. This includes the cleaning of tanks and the change of water.

This step is overlooked a lot Betta fish tend to get sick because of this carelessness. The quality of the water is completely compromised which can get the fish sick. Most especially, tanks without oxygen pumps or filters can make the water super dirty easily.

In this way, fish can get poisoned which can bring them a lot of diseases. As a result, lifespan is significantly reduced.

  • Malnutrition: For beginners in petting Bettas, lack of knowledge in the right diet can take a toll on the health of your fish. Imagine, the first time you got your Bettas from your breeder friend or the pet shop, they look nice right?

They are colorful and their fins are in good condition regardless if they are full-moon or half-moon Plakats. But after a few weeks, you noticed that the color of the fish is becoming pale and the fins start to become brittle.

This is because you just feed your Bettas with dried foods such as pellets. It makes their diet imbalanced. Usually, the proper diet of Bettas includes dried and live foods such as baby shrimps. You just need to have some variations.

Remember that Bettas are pretty meticulous when it comes to what they eat. Feed them with dried pellets every day can make them lose their appetite in eating foods. As you will notice, once you make pellet feeding a habit, there will be lots of leftovers left at the top of the tank.

This is an indication that there is an underlying cause of why their appetite started to fail. It might be a simple loss of appetite or it can be worse than that such as kidney stones since dried pellets have a high concentration of vitamin C.

  • Stress: When it comes to this, there are lots of factors that you can associate with stress. Most of the time, people with multiple Bettas forget the fact that these types of fish are territorial. So you can expect that they must be placed on separate tanks. However, your task does not stop on that because you have to place solid dividers in between the tanks. This will let the Betta fish be comfortable as they are safe in their tanks.

Although you will place solid dividers on each tank, you need to remove them sometimes a few days a week. It will help the fish exercise their fins and it can be a stress-relieving activity for you. The particular act wherein the Betta fish stretches its fins is called flaring. However, too much flaring can cause stress due to the draining of energy because of excessive muscle contraction.

How To Increase The Lifespan Of A Betta Fish?

There are ways to make your Betta happy and keep them vibrant. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the subject of food, maintenance, and ambiance below.

Lifespan of a Betta fish And Ways To Increase It?
Lifespan of a Betta fish And Ways To Increase It?

The Best Food Or Diet For Betta

Betta fish can eat almost everything in the wild from dead insects to small worms in their habitat. They can be healthy and reach a full lifespan without problems.

I am not saying that you should buy a lot of expensive foods to make your Bettas healthy. It just comes to how great you are in putting variations to the meals.

For example, what I do is to interchange the dried and live foods. It is great both for their diet and keeping their appetite boosted.

Betta fish are particular with their diets. One wrong move can surely compromise their health. Mostly, Bettas prefer to live foods over dried ones. They are more active when they are fed with those kinds of food.

A perfect example of the best food that you should feed to your Betta is baby shrimps. They have the right amount of nutrients needed for it to grow properly. So as much as possible always opt for live foods rather than pellets.

Is It Essential To Give Vitamins To Your Bettas?

As we all know Bettas are very versatile in all aspects. Giving them supplements is not mandatory. But if you are planning to enter a Betta show then supplement products for Bettas will be the best choice.

It will make your Betta fish reach its full potential by enhancing their color and fins. If you are just petting Bettas for your satisfaction then you can take vitamins out of your checklist. Proper dieting and regular clean up will be good already.

How Many Days Does A Betta Fish Go Without Food?

Although, this question is pretty debatable as it primarily depends on the current health situation of the fish.

Betta fish life span
Life span of a Betta fish

A healthy Betta fish can even go 2 to 3 weeks without eating any foods at all. However, this is not advisable because allowing them to be in a starvation mode can harm their organs.

You should not let your Bettas to be left without food for a maximum of 5 days. This will allow your Bettas to be on the safe side.

Feed Your Betta These When You Run Out Of Food

There are times wherein our pets run out of food, just like our Betta fish. Even though they are considered versatile pets, you must be very particular with what they eat. In case, they run out of food here are some of the best foods that you can feed them temporarily.

  • Pieces of fish like tuna
  • Raw shrimps
  • Worms

That is how versatile Betta fish are. But be sure that you clean the temporary foods before you feed that to your fish.

Bettas Must Be Placed In Right Aquarium Size

For Bettas to be happy, they need the right size of the tank. It is recommended to have a size of at least 5 gallons. This will allow the Betta to have plenty of space to move. As a result, the fish can move freely resulting in better physical health as the fish can exercise a lot. This will strengthen the entire well-being of the Bettas resulting ina longer lifespan.

As much as possible keep it larger than 5 gallons. It will also keep the water clean for longer periods.

Clean Betta Fish Tanks Properly

Cleaning the tasks well is essential if you want to maintain the good health of your Betta fish. Making the tanks clean can be an easy task to do especially if you just have a few tanks.

You’ll just need raw salt and warm water. You can wipe it off with a non-abrasive cloth or used a toothbrush with saltwater solution then rinse it off with running water from the faucet.

This will remove buildups that are because of Betta’s waste products. So always remember that clean water is a plus if you want to main the good health condition of your Bettas.

How Frequently Should You Clean The Betta Aquariums?

You do not need to wait for the tanks to be yellowish before you clean them. Compared to the usual tanks, Bettas are placed on significantly smaller tanks with no oxygen pumps or water filter. Although you can always put water filters if your budget permits. But, you’ll still need to clean the tanks more often.

We recommend to clean each of the tanks either every other day or a maximum of 3 days. In this way, you’ll prevent water contamination from happening to give your fishes cleaner water for them to swim.

Also, be mindful of the temperature when cleaning tasks. This is because tank cleansing and water changing always come along with each other. There must be no huge gap in-between temperatures.

Kinds Of Plants To Avoid For Bettas

You will do a lot of favor to your fishes if you will put some plants in your tank. However, this is not the case because not all plants are compatible with Betta tanks. Some are beneficial while others can be fatal.

Here are some of the plantations that you should avoid at all times:

  • Non-aquatic plants
  • Terrestrial plants

Non-aquatic plants can breakdown overtime which can poison your Bettas. So it is important to avoid them as much as possible. On the other hand, terrestrial plants can promote ammonia buildup because Betta tanks usually do not have oxygen pumps which makes the water stagnant.

Will Betta Fish Be Fighting Off Other Fish in The Tank?

Since they are territorial fish, it is not advisable to put them on a community tank. It will just result in a chaotic environment as Bettas are known to be very aggressive. Although, some had success in putting Bettas on community tanks because of the techniques that they were using but tends to be risky.

They are already putting newborns on tanks that already have other fish on it so that they can go along with other fish as they grow up. By the success rate is not that high. You do not want to risk the life of your fish just for an experiment. Always be on the safe side.

Prevent Diseases from Worsening

If you noticed something unusual about your Betta such as portraying illness then you must do something about it immediately. This will prevent the illness from worsening thus saving your Betta from a complete disaster. You do not have to worry because there are lots of aftermarket products such as medicines and vitamins for Bettas that are available in the pet store.

If you are interested in learning more about your fish behavior, check out the links below:

Tips When Buying Bettas From The Pet Shop

Let us face the fact that not all pet shops are very strict in caring for the animals that they sell. This is why there are times wherein you can see that some of the animals are not in a good condition. If you will buy a Betta then you must take note of this.

Betta life span
Life span of Betta fish

You must check the following signs if it is present on the Betta that you will about to buy.

  • Bulging eyes
  • Pale or bright color
  • Lack of physical activity such as staying in one place for a long time
  • Unusual weight
  • Damaged fins or gills
  • Whitish eyes
  • Scratches on its scales

Can You Train Your Betta? Bond With Them

Since you are their owner, it is a good practice to spend some time with them even just a few minutes a day. This will make those Bettas recognize you as their owner. You can remove their dividers which are mostly cards or illustration boards that are placed in between the tanks. This is only applicable if you place the tanks near each other.

Since Bettas flare whenever they see another fish, they shouldn’t flare for extended periods.  Just limit the time for a few minutes probably up to 15 minutes maximum then bring back the divider.

It is a form of exercise and advisable for you to do it every mornings or afternoon. If you do not have time as you are a busy person then every other day of flaring session will do.

Your Betta Needs Proper Handling

When doing a water change, you must ensure that you handle the fish with care. Never try to forcefully grab the Betta fish especially the males because they have sensitive fins. What you can do is to use a non-abrasive fishnet to gently pull up the fishes from the water.

Do not forget to place them on tolerable water temperature conditions. This is because it can stress or make them sick if you are not careful with it. Put them on a clean pale of water when doing a water change. Do the water change one by one so that the fishes won’t fight over their territory preventing them from killing themselves.

If You Plan to Breed Betta Do it Correctly

When breeding for the first time, there is a huge chance that the female will kill the male Betta if done incorrectly. So it is suggested to ask the help of an experienced breeder to ensure that you can breed without the risk of having casualties.

By being trained in breeding, you’ll have the ability to multiply your pets. As a result, you can have more pets to take care of or make a living out of it.

Should A Beginner Buy Female or Male Betta?

For first-timers, I can say that females are the best ones to start with. They have shorter fins which makes them less susceptible to fins damage. Although, males are more fun to look at because they look more exquisite as they have more rounded and bigger fins.

Males are the ones that are usually used for shows. Some are spending thousands of dollars to have the best possible quality Bettas that they can get. They either breed it or buy a ready-made male Betta that is already show-quality.

Final Thoughts On Betta Fish Lifespan

Caring for fighting fishes is just easy but needs dedication if you want to lengthen their lifespan. Even though they are versatile you should still practice thorough care for them. It does not matter whether you will join a show or competition, or you just want to pet Bettas as a hobby. They are living things just like you and me. So, you must ensure that their quality of life is not compromised while you are petting them. Provide them the care and they will surely love you back.

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