How To Treat Popeye Disease In Betta Fish?

Are you suspecting if your Betta fish is affected by the Popeye disease? Do not panic and run to the pet store right away to get your Spike treated. In this article, I will take you through the identification, treatment, recovery, and the prevention of Popeye disease in your Bettas.

After reading this article, you can expect to improve the health status of your Betta fish with a Popeye disease:

  • You’ll have a healthier fish that will surely last for a long time. Since good health is a determinant for the fish’s lifespan.
  • It will make your fish look nicer because having PED can destroy the look of your fish
  • Last but not least is that your Bettas will love you more because you maintain their overall wellbeing

What Does Popeye Disease Look Like In Betta Fish?

Diagnosing this disease is close to foolproof as the symptoms are pretty obvious. Pop Eye Disease has a scientific name exophthalmia. It makes the eye of the fish to protrude out of its original positioning. It is easy to treat but very fatal if taken for granted.

Popeye disease is a big problem and we usually see this topic all around the internet, mostly on Arowana community sites. Yes, it is a fact that there are fishes with big eyes, and it can be tricky to spot. But it is not the case for Bettas, since they have relatively small eyes, having a PED can be easy to determine. Here are few tips to identify the Popeye disease in your Betta fish.

Betta Fish Eyes Look Bigger Than Usual

Pretty obvious, right? The eyes of the Betta fish will tend to pop out because there is the presence of swelling. It does not matter whether one eye is popping or both. As long as there is a presence of popping on any of the two eyes, you should not take it for granted.

How To Treat Popeye Disease In Betta Fish?
How To Treat Popeye Disease In Betta Fish?

Pus-like Formation Around The Eye

A watery substance surrounding the eye or a solid white formation is a sign that the Popeye Disease is getting worse as it is already in the stage of progress. If you see this kind of symptom, you must not take any chances but proceed to the best possible way of treating the disease.

If overlooked, this can cause the fish to die as the infection could elevate more into a much worse condition. It is much better not to wait for this stage to happen before you take immediate action.

Why My Betta Fish Has Discoloration In Eyes?

The eyes could appear whitish when it is infected. It could be a sign of Popeye Disease or any other unrelated health conditions. But the fact that you saw that symptom already, there is no point if you will delay the curing process. Worst case scenario is a rupture in the eyes’ veins could happen.

Why My Betta Fish Has Weaker Body?

Since the Betta fish is experiencing an infection, it is expected that your fish will experience the draining of energy. This could be a major sign that the infection is spreading in the whole body as well. As a result, your fish will appear pale and weak throughout the day.

What Are the Causes of Popeye In Betta Fish?

In addition to harmful bacteria in water, the Popeye in Bettas could occur due to the physical damage. You should be aware of this so that you can take your action immediately. Yes, you might be concerned about how the disease affected the physical appearance of your Betta. However, the negative implications of it on the health of your fish are much greater.

Betta popeye
Betta fish with popeye

Popeye Caused By The Physical Harm

If the Popeye in your Betta is not due to the higher population of bad bacteria in water then the injury might have caused the affected eye to protrude. Check out if it is caused due to any unfavorable circumstances, such as a plant, gravel or any other rebel fish.

Bad Quality Of Water

Since this disease is mostly because of overwhelming population of bad bacteria in water, be sure to have a stock of clean water. This will ensure that you will not run out of supply in case you needed it. There are times wherein your Betta will tend to defecate more than usual thus making the water quality get dirty quickly.

Betta fish are more prone to Popeye disease since they are kept in tanks without air pumps. It makes the water stagnant thus allowing bacteria to form quickly inside the tank.

How To Prevent Popeye Disease In Betta Fish?

It is normal for aquarium tanks to have bacteria but having an infestation is not a good idea. This is why if we will compare Betta tanks to other types of tanks they tend to get dirty easily. As a result, more frequent cleaning is required to minimize the bacteria in the water.

Well, it can be a tedious task but everything will be worth it. It is always better to keep your pets happy at all times. You never want to get attached to a fish and suddenly the next day you will discover that it is severely ill.

When petting Bettas, it is expected that you’ll need a lesser amount of water on each tank. To avoid Popeye disease in Betta fish, maintain the tank cleanliness by changing water and cleaning the tank every other day or max within 3 days.

If you are interested in learning more about your fish behavior, check out the links below:

Does Popeye In Betta Fish Go Away On Its Own?

It is super easy to combat the problem and it can be done by anyone. So you do not have to be a veterinarian to carry out the task, you just need to have the efforts. When you see symptoms of Pop Eye Disease, most probably you are right.

Popeye in Betta fish might go away on its own but there is a huge chance that the problem may get worse over time. So it is expected that you must immediately take action on it before it worsens.

Is Popeye Disease Painful For Betta Fish?

It depends on the situation. Mild cases can’t be usually felt until the problem worsens. Since we are mostly concern about the infection, you can expect that elevating the situation to another level will increase the pain levels.

How To Treat Popeye In Betta Fish?

Maintaining the water quality of your tank is important. It will free your tank from undesirable bacteria-causing PED. That is a great precautionary measure. I see to it that I clean the tanks every other day. However, if the disease has occurred already then there are measures that you should take to conquer the problem.

Betta fish popeye
Popeye in betta

Some Bettas acquire their Popeye through an injury. If that is the case there is not much that you can do except to prevent it from worsening Daily water change is essential if you saw that your Betta fish has injured their eyes thus allowing for a Popeye Disease to take place. By doing so, you will be able to minimize the ill-effects that it can give to the overall wellness of your fish.

Here are some more unique ways to cure the disease at the comforts of your own home.

Treat Your Betta Fish With Epsom Salt Solution For Popeye Disease

As we all know, Epsom salt works like a charm for various uses. When it comes to curing the Popeye disease of your Betta, it is also useful.

  1. You just need to put 1 tbsp. of Epsom Salt for every gallon of water. It is important to dissolve it first before mixing it with the temporary container for your Betta.
  2. Let the Betta stay in that container with Epsom solution for about 10 minutes.
  3. Afterward, bring it back to the original tank. It is expected that the fish will get irritable for a few minutes due to the change in temperature.

Betta Fish Popeye Antibiotics Solution

Antibiotics are proven to quicken up the process of healing. It has components that can make the fish fight the infection. Just be sure to only use the right dosage to avoid experiencing other problems such as drug overdose. You can put ¼ dosage if you are just using a very small tank and the antibiotic will do its thing already.

Check out with your Betta store if Ampicillin is required. Usually, a capsule of Ampicillin should be used per 10 gallons, but it is always good to consult dosage provided on the medication label.

Can Betta Fish Die From Popeye Disease?

Although there is a huge chance of recovering from this kind of illness, taking it for granted can be fatal. The infection cannot only make the eyes of the Betta to go blind but also can compromise the overall health of the Betta which can lead to death.

Is Popeye Disease Contagious In Betta Fish?

In case you have a community of Betta Fishes, remove the suspected fish that is infected with PED. This will help you save the other fishes from getting infected. So it only comes to proper care and diagnosing, the disease is curable and at the same time preventable.

Keep your Betta happy and healthy!

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