Can Guppies Eat Bloodworms? Here’s What You Need To Know

Guppies are some of the best pets you can have if you are looking for a good fish to take care of. The key point to understand is that these fish can easily be overfed if you are not careful with how often you feed them and what you feed them. That said, bloodworms tend to be some of the more common types of food to feed pet fish. But can your Guppies eat bloodworms?

Yes, you can absolutely feed your Guppies bloodworms as these are some of the most popular live food items you can give to your pet fish.

In fact, it is recommended that you let your fish eat bloodworms along with the other commercial food that Guppies can eat as they are omnivores that can eat almost anything.

While saying that Guppies can eat bloodworms is quite easy to do, let us go back to the fact that overfeeding Guppies can be problematic because it will lead to health problems. As such, you have to know more about what bloodworms are and how your Guppies can eat these food items without overeating.

Do Guppies Like Eating Bloodworms?

Taking care of Guppies requires that you know how to feed these fish and what type of food you should be giving them if you want them to grow healthy and have long lives with minimal health issues. That means that you should be giving them the right kind of food that includes commercial food and live food to improve the overall nutrition profile of your Guppies.

Guppies can indeed eat bloodworms and are actually very fond of these live food items. Bloodworms are actually ideal to feed to your Guppies because of the very fact that they are quite rich in protein, which is an essential nutrient that your fish need to grow strong and healthy.

That said, when it comes to live food that you will most likely find in many different pet stores, bloodworms are some of the more common foods that are given to fish.

But what are bloodworms? And, ho many types of bloodworms are available in pet stores? Before we get to that second question, let’s try to know more about what bloodworms are.

When you talk about bloodworms, the term is usually catchall in the sense that it describes a lot of different types of worms and not just one worm at all. The reason why they are called bloodworms is that they share the same common blood-like color but they aren’t really the same in terms of their species.

There are two popular types of bloodworms that you can find in pet stores to be used as food for fish and other types of pets. The first types aren’t actually worms per se but are actually larvae that come from midge flies, which are non-biting flies that are bright red in color during their larvae stage because they are rich in protein.

Meanwhile, the second types of bloodworms are the actual worms that are from the genus Glycera, which are pinkish in color and can be found in marine beds. The Glycera worms actually bite and have bites that contain enough venom to produce allergic reactions.

Can Guppies Eat Bloodworms? Here’s What You Need To Know
Can Guppies Eat Bloodworms? Here’s What You Need To Know

Bloodworms are actually the most popular types of baits used in fishing because of the very fact that almost any kind of fish will bite them. And yes, that includes the Guppy, which is the main topic of this article.

But what you have to consider is that you should never just rely on bloodworms as overfeeding your Guppies with these live food items can lead to health problems. It is best to make bloodworms a regular part of a well-balanced diet.

Can Guppy Fry Eat Bloodworms?

While there is no arguing the fact that Guppies can eat bloodworms and actually love eating them, it might be different for young baby Guppies.

The Guppy fry, which is the result of a Guppy giving live birth instead of laying eggs, should be quite small but it will already be active enough to start swimming like an adult Guppy right off the bat. And given that they are quite small (small enough to get eaten by their own parents), you might be wondering if they can actually eat bloodworms similar to how adult Guppies do.

What you have to understand is that Guppy fry will eat any food similar to how adult Guppies are practically voracious enough as eaters to the point that they will eat almost anything that’s edible. In that sense, it won’t be a problem when it comes to Guppy fry because they already have the same appetite that their parents do. But the problem here is whether or not they are big enough to eat their food.

Since bloodworms aren’t exactly microscopic in size, it might be difficult for Guppy fry to eat them. But, as far as whether or not your baby Guppies can eat bloodworms, of course they can.

On your part, however, you have to make sure that you only feed them bloodworms that are small enough to fit their mouths. That means that you might have to wait until your Guppy fry have grown big enough that they can eat bloodworms. Or maybe you can choose smaller bloodworms and maybe even cut them into tiny pieces before feeding them to your Guppy fry.

Bloodworms are great for Guppy fry because these fish are still growing and would need the added nutrients that bloodworms provide. The high fat and protein content that bloodworms have will be great for Guppy fry because it will help them grow faster as compared to a diet that is more carb-based and lacks the necessary fat and protein that will help your fish develop at a rapid pace.

Can Guppies Eat Freeze Dried Bloodworms?

So, what type of bloodworms should you feed your Guppies? Well, you do have a choice to feed them with actual live bloodworms, which you can breed on your own at home. Live bloodworms are also available in a lot of pet stores. However, what if you can’t keep live bloodworms at home?

The option you can take is to use freeze dried bloodworms. Yes, freeze dried bloodworms are viable food options for your Guppies even though they might not be live. Because of how voracious a Guppy’s appetite is, it will still eat freeze dried bloodworms because this fish really loves the taste of bloodworms.

Of course, freeze dried bloodworms still retain the same nutritional value that live bloodworms have. So, it really won’t matter whether you are giving your Guppy a live bloodworm or one that has been freeze dried.

Freeze dried bloodworms are available in pet stores and are sold in packages but you can also freeze dry your bloodworms yourself. However, it might be better to just buy the ones you see in pet stores because of how convenient they are. But you need to thaw freeze dried bloodworms first before you feed them to your fish because, let’s face it, no one likes to eat frozen food.

How Many Bloodworms Do You Feed Guppies?

And when you are feeding your fish with bloodworms, do so in moderation as well because they shouldn’t be eating a lot of bloodworms all in one sitting. It really depends on how many Guppies you have but it is best to experiment first so that you would know how many bloodworms you should be giving them.

Can Guppies eat bloodworms?

It is better to feed bloodworms that they can finish eating in 2 minutes not only because of the possible health risks involved but also because of how the fish might eventually get spoiled with one of their favorite foods.

The rule of thumb to follow when determining how many bloodworms to feed to your Guppies is to see to it that they should be able to finish all of the bloodworms in about two or so minutes. If they need to finish the bloodworms for three or more minutes, you might be giving them a lot.

But if the Guppies only need a few seconds to finish the bloodworms, you might want to increase the quantity a bit. It really depends on how long the Guppies can finish the bloodworms, so you might want to try to experiment with it first and then time how long they can eat the entire meal.

Again, we cannot stress the fact that, while bloodworms are indeed great to feed to your Guppies because they have high fat and protein. But, do you know that it is never a good idea to stick to only bloodworms because of how the high fat in these live food items can lead to health issues in your fish.

As such, on your part, make sure that you only use bloodworms as a good part of your Guppies’ diet but don’t focus their diet on bloodworms. It might be a good idea to feed them every two to three days as a treat and as a way to supplement the Guppies’ regular fish feed diet.

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