Are Platy Fish Top Or Bottom Feeders?

Platy fish is one of the most popular species among the livebearer enthusiasts originating from the Poeciliidae family. They are calm and easy-to-care-for individuals making them convenient especially for beginners. The name “Platy” unites three main species and therefore, we can see big diversity in coloration. The popularity of platy fish is increasing day by day and as a result, we encounter a lot of questions regarding their qualities and living circumstances. In this article, we would like to answer some of the most searched questions online – are platy fish top or bottom feeders?

Platy fish eat food on the top of the aquarium as well as off of the ground. They are able to eat in both locations depending on the food you provide. Platy fish eat a variety of foods and as long as you maintain the right balance of diet, they will remain top and bottom feeders.

The popularity of this fish is generated by many factors but first of all, people approach platy fish because it is extremely easy to look after and requires almost no experience. However, if you are willing to raise it in the aquarium you should know how to feed them properly and what their diet includes. Therefore, we are here to educate you exactly on this topic. Let’s start!

What Can I Feed Platy Fish?

Generally, they consume meat in their natural habitat and it usually includes worms, insects, and small crustaceans.

Platy fish is considered to be omnivorous and it will happily eat meat and plant-based food as well. However, you should keep in mind that their need for herbivorous food is stronger. As for the plant-based food, you have plenty of choices and our suggestion would be to feed them with boiled vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, spinach, squash, and courgette.

Also, you can use some flake food and it can become a major part of their diet as long as they are high in protein.

All the ingredients need to be natural and the diet should also include some helpful additions such as minerals and vitamins for the fish.

The important fact to take into account is that you should add enough algae for your platy fish. This is a common mistake that the majority of people make and we will explain the importance of it below.

Can I Feed My Platy Betta Bloodworms?

The combination of protein and vegetables is necessary to maintain the healthy immune system of your platy fish. By doing so, the risk of developing a disease or dying prematurely is decreased significantly and you will get a strong and thriving community in the aquarium.

Are platy bottom feeders?
Are Platy Fish Top Or Bottom Feeders?

Answer is Yes. It is a good idea to add some nutrients to your diet. You have various choices and we recommend supplementing the diet with some vegetable pellets, different kinds of worms, and brine shrimp.

When it comes to worms, there are two main types of them which you can use – blood worms and sludge worms. After a long time of observing platy fish’s living conditions, we have come up with the conclusion that it’s best to utilize frozen or dried shrimps and worms.

There are two reasons behind this statement – first of all, fresh worms and shrimps are a lot messier than dried ones and secondly, they decrease the risk of spreading parasites and bacteria in the aquarium.

Can I Feed My Platy Goldfish Food Or Flakes?

Also, there are a lot of questions about whether platy fish is able to eat goldfish flakes and if it provides a healthy diet. We want to note that goldfish flakes consist of a number of cereals alongside protein and vegetables.

It’s not recommended to feed your platy fish with food containing a lot of cereal especially rice, so make sure to pick a goldfish flake with a little amount of cereal but rich in protein and vegetables.

 You must remember that your diet should be balanced and be careful not to overfeed the fish, as it may end with terrible results. Just maintain consistency with healthy nutrients and everything will be okay.

Do Platy Eat Algae?

We have said that platy fish is a bottom feeder when it comes to certain types of food. Algae is a good example to consolidate this statement and oftentimes people make mistakes of not adding it in their aquarium.

There are different kinds of algae and they will naturally grow inside the tank. Although platy fish do eat these creatures keep in mind that they are not sufficient to meet the nutritional requirements.

Therefore, you should keep it under control and take care of everything inside the aquarium in order to maintain a pure and healthy environment for your platy fish.

Is Egg Yolk Good For Fish?

One option of homemade food for your platy fish can be an egg yolk. It is extremely rich in protein and needless to say, does not require a lot of effort to make.

First, you should boil the egg and take out the yolk. It’s best to feed the small portions of it once in a while for two reasons – first of all, it can foul the water and secondly, it contains a large amount of fat so feed baby platy fish with them.

Are Platy Hardy Fish?

Platy fish are hardy and can live with other fish in complete harmony.

You might be wondering what if you forgot to feed your Platy as a beginner or skip one time in an emergency situation. Don’t worry we got you the real information.

Platy fish in a tank
Are Platy Hardy Fish?

How Often Should Platy Fish Be Fed?

When it comes to the feeding schedule of platy fish you have to take into consideration their age. Young platy fish requires a meal a few times a day and to help them digest easily you should scrunch down food into small pieces because their digestive system is still maturing. They will eat everything that adults eat but the meal should be freeze-dried and appropriately sized.

As for the adult platy fish, providing food once a day is enough. As we have mentioned already, overfeeding the platy fish can have a fatal outcome. So, we recommend giving them the amount of food that can be consumed within 3-5 minutes.

It is enough for them to get the required nutrients and exceeding these numbers can cause significant problems such as obesity. It may end with serious issues regarding the digestive system in your platy fish and also damage the water chemistry of the aquarium. 

How Long Can Platies Go Without Food?

You may be also wondering how long do platy fish last without food. In this case, we have to observe their behavior in the wild. They are not able to find food every day and oftentimes they starve for few days.

Depending on their health status, Platies can survive for two weeks without any food.

Therefore, if you need to go and leave your platy fish alone for a day or two, there is no need to worry about it. They will withstand as they do in the wild. Remember that you must not try to provide a lot more food attempting to compensate for these days!

When it comes to the conditions of an aquarium you should take into consideration several things such as tank size, temperature, water changes, lightning, and filter system. Your Platies will be happier and consume their food normally, if these conditions are perfect. We will give a proper insight regarding these attributes that will help you to maintain a stable environment for your platy fish.

  • Tank Size – Platy fish require a lot of space and therefore you should purchase a large aquarium. This applies to baby platy fish also as they grow extremely quickly and they will need a comfortable place. Our suggestion is to utilize a 29-gallon tank to make its residents happy.
  • Temperature – Baby platy fish enjoy warmer temperatures compared to adults and it will be a good idea to an aquarium heater. It helps their metabolism and overall growth. Generally, adult platy fish enjoy a temperature between 72F – 78F.
  • Water Changes – This is a necessary procedure for every type of fish living in the aquarium including your platy fish. It’s a prerequisite of a healthy environment for the fish and you should change the water inside the tank once every two weeks. By doing so, you will prevent debris and litter.
  • Lightning – As for the lightning, it’s important to remember that platy fish need approximately 16 hours of natural light every day and 8 hours of darkness to sleep well. It’s up to you to install artificial lightning but it’s not a requirement most of the time.
  • Filter System – The proper filter is extremely important for your aquarium especially when you have platy fish inside. It helps to get rid of food debris and prevents ammonia and nitrates by aerating the water. So, make sure to get the right one!


In this article, we have talked about one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. Platy fish is often recommended to beginners as they are pretty easy to look after and raise. As a result, we can see huge growth in demand and questions about their behavior.

We have answered one of the most frequently asked questions and made it clear that platy fish are capable to eat food on the top of the aquarium as well as off of the ground. It depends on the meal you provide and we have described how they are able to consume a variety of foods.

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