About EFW


This is Khurram Mahmood, your fish world enthusiast. My parents first got me an aquarium when I was 9. My elder brothers used to help me clean the tank and teach about the fish and aquarium environment.

When I was a beginner, I started fishkeeping with the Freshwater type. Once, I got a better understanding of how my new friends were enjoying the ambiance, I got into Saltwater and Brackish water types.

In those good old days, learning wasn’t that easy, since there was no internet, just books or VHS. Haha, yes I am that old. Therefore, after all these years and some time break from my day job due to COVID-19 era, I thought I should start my own blog.

Thank you so much for being here with me.

Contact me through my email (info@explorefishworld.com), should you have any question or recommendation. Of course, I am still learning.

My humble regards,

Khurram Mahmood.